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About Me

Who Am I?

Originally from central New Jersey, I am a graduate of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, class of 2018. Under my belt, I have a bachelor’s degree in English: Creative Writing and two minors (Professional Writing and History). This provides me with a creative mind capable of persuading my audience to become involved. Coupled with my two minors, I have written many different types of documents, covering a wide variety of topics.  
My background in history will allow me to offer exceptional researching skills and adds to my ability to persuade my audience through facts rather than entertainment. My minor in professional writing has supplied me with the ability to edit, work collaboratively, and apply brevity to technical documents.
In addition, I enjoy writing in my free time, so my writing skills will constantly stay sharp. I am a hardworking and responsible employee; feel free to ask my previous employers (listed in my résumé).Writing is my passion and that which I am best at, however I enjoy a number of other activities as well. Most notably I enjoy videogames, specifically strategy games (Like Civilization or XCOM). These types of games (even board games such as Chess or Risk) keep my mind sharp and able to solve problems as quickly and effectively as possible.
Finally, I have been conditioned since high school to provide excellent customer service and employ top-notch verbal communication skills by two different supermarkets. I look forward to connecting with anyone who stumbles upon this website. - Zach

Bio: About Me
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