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How about some Limericks?

13 October 2016

  1. The party just started and never will end.
    No matter how often we bustle or bend.
    Cheap beer? I said.
    Or fine wine instead?
    It’s all worthwhile in company of good friends.

What a Week.

17 October 2016

5.   Since the start I’ve been by your side.
And til now it’s filled me with pride.
But once and a while.
Behind my smile.
You’ll see that I’m dead inside.

Feeling Good!

6 November 2017

The world is against me. I can’t pay for school. Nobody will give me a loan. I don’t even know if I’ll ever graduate. I have no girlfriend. I don’t see my family as much as I’d like. I barely make enough money to take care of myself. And I have no idea if I’ll ever be successful as a writer.
But you know what?....

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