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Writing Samples

Here you will find a number of different pieces I have written. A more extensive ePortfolio can be provided upon request.



Don't Fall in Love

Short story written in 2016 as part of the Creative Writing: Fiction class in college. Based off of "Copacabana" by Barry Manilow.

What the Shadows Bring

Another short story written in 2016 for Creative Writing: Fiction. Centered around a character trying to deal with his experience during sleep paralysis.

The Rat Pack

This piece is a short comic written and illustrated for Introduction to Creative Writing in 2015. It is about three mice trying to survive.

Prelude to Fame (Play)

The final piece is a 10-minute-play I wrote for Scriptwriting in 2016. The assignment was to take a piece of Bloomsburg University history and create a play about it. I chose a past university professor who also went on to become a prominent lion tamer.

Untitled Novel: Prologue

This item is the prologue for a novel started in my final semester at school as part of my last creative writing class.

Untitled Novel: Chapter 4

This is chapter 4 of the same novel.



Memories of an Amateur Mariner

This piece was written in 2016 for Creative Writing: Non-Fiction. It recalls my time as a child on vacation in Maine and of fishing for Lobster.

Changing of the Guard (Non-Fiction)

Also written for Creative Writing: Non-Fiction in 2016. Recalls my 8th grade trip to Washington D.C.

Microtransaction Article

An article I had published in Bloomsburg University's school paper, The Voice.

Another Pack

This poem was written in 2015 for Introduction to Creative Writing. It was inspired by my desire to quit smoking cigarettes.


Academic Papers

We are All Just Bricks in a Wall

This was one of the earlier academic papers of my college career in 2014. It was written for Foundations of College Writing and we were required to analyze a music video. I chose "Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2" from Pink Floyd's The Wall. It is a good paper in my opinion, but it is on this website to serve mostly as a metric for my improvement over my college career. Enjoy.

Digital Rhetoric: Looking Ahead

This paper was written in 2016 for Writng for Multiple Medias, a class designed for writing for an online presence. It tackles the idea of digital rhetoric in the online world and how it may change in the near future.

Innate Worth: Our Defining Trait

This paper  was written in 2017 for Literature & Film and it is an analysis of the film, Gattaca.

U.S.-Soviet Relations and the Decision to Use Atomic Bombs on Japan

The title of this paper is self-explanatory, as most history essays are, and it was written for my U.S. Diplomacy class.

Gene Roddenberry: Father of the Stars

This piece was written in one of my Creative Writing courses to identify an influential writer on my life. I chose Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry.

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